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Social Impact

Achieving Lasting Impact

Terraseis  is guided by a value that drives us to give a lasting and positive impact to the lives of the people with whom we work and in the communities where we work.  This vision is translated  into affirmative actions through dynamic social programs that ensure the development of the communities where we operate.

Community Affairs

In order to bridge the gaps between our clients, personnel and the local communities, Terraseis creates a  project specific social performance plan that encourages and promotes mutual trust and respect to one another while in the area of operation.  We also seek out partnerships with outside organizations who are interested in or are already have a presence in the community to identify, propose and implement projects than can achieve and deliver lasting positive impact on the local community. 

National Employment

Terraseis has a strong philosophy that whenever possible we employ local nationals, subcontract local companies, and transfer knowledge through conducting local training.  We work towards exceeding Local laws on National labor employment and building a local workforce that improve our effectiveness.

Enduring Impact Foundation

Beyond our effort to have a lasting impact on the communities where we operate, Enduring Impact Foundation extends its positive cause to people in need of our assistance around the world.  We aspire to encourage, equip and empower our operational teams to identify, propose and implement projects that can achieve and deliver lasting, positive Impact on local communities as well as becoming proactively involved by providing local jobs and specialist skills training.