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Terraseis provides land and transitional 2D and 3D geophysical data acquisition services to international E&P companies. The company specifically performs the work to surveying lands, collecting and recording geophysical data. This is typically undertaken in challenging geographical environments where both political and cultural concerns must be addressed and where a simple ‘cookie-cutter’ approach can not be used. In these circumstances the experience and knowledge of seismic contractor is a major determinant to the ultimate success of a project.

Terraseis can provide both vibroseis and explosive sources. When utilizing explosives we are able to provide all the necessary drilling equipment and experienced personnel required to meet and exceed client requirements. We have a dedicated group that successfully procures explosives from a number of licensed international suppliers. All crew are equipped with the industry’s best shot-hole drilling equipment and our in-house drilling methods are designed to ensure the maximum possible use of local labor on our crews.

On-site training is focused and intentionally structured towards the quickest possible skill transfer process. Our equipment is capable of high production drilling of shallow patterns and deep holes. Uphole drilling is also available upon request.

Terraseis treats every day acquisition project as unique, carefully planning and providing tailor-made solutions with great sensitivity to ensure we deal appropriately with all the geographic, political and ecological conditions faced.

As a proven leader in providing geophysical services in difficult locations, we understand the environments in which we work and have the experience and personnel to deal with potential issues before they arise.

Along with providing top quality seismic data acquisition services, we provide the industries most dynamic infield processing services using VISTA software (by Seismic Image Software) for all infield processing.

As a leading international seismic data acquisition company, we have our own survey crews. This allows us to ensure all crews are fully trained in operating the kind of challenging environments we typically face.